Claiming the right: Notes on the Welsh Language Measure 2011 – Patrick Carlin

When is a right a right?

This question, of course, will not find a ready solution here. However, its mere asking may help with getting to grips with the implications of the Welsh Language Measure of 2011 (WLM) for language policy in Wales (see here). This blog entry is a brief sketch of the current situation following the passing of the WLM, with some further thoughts on the ramifications of this piece of legislation for wider relationships between language use, governance in the UK and the claims for linguistic justice we make as citizens.

As a result of the WLM, fruit of a Welsh Labour/Plaid Cymru coalition government between 2007-11 (see here), government language policy in Wales has morphed from straddling both a promotional and quasi-regulatory model, mediated through the language schemes mechanism of the Welsh Language Act 1993 (see here and here), to a fuller and more uniform regulatory model with enhanced democratic accountability residing in both the Welsh executive and legislature.Llegeix més »